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Are you an Oily Olivia or a Dry Diane?

Posted on November 19, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

As promised in my last post I would give advice on various skin types. Many of my clients always ask what to use, what they should be doing, what they shouldn’t be doing. I’ve heard some real strange regimes in my time including Vaseline and just water. I am not a Doctor, a Dermatologist nor am I a magician. This will not shed ten years off your age or give you a Photoshop finish but it will give advice on skin care regimes, products and ingredients. Admittedly myself I was clueless once as to what I was meant to be using to cleanse my face, that a toner was not just something that refills the photocopier machine. We all become a little confused at times about what we should be doing and how often we should be doing it.

There are many factors that affect our skin such as, food habits, sun protection, water intake, caffeine, stress levels, medication, smoking, drinking, heating, over exfoliating and not cleansing at all. Let’s begin with narrowing down the type of skin you have. Is it oily, dry, normal, combinational, sensitive or blemished?

Oily skin tends to be prone to comedones. Excessive sebum is found on the t-zone, dilated pores and typically the skin has a shiny appearance. For all you Oily Olivia’s I would recommend an exfoliator with larger grains, a cleansing wash and an oil free lotion. (Gently exfoliate – It is not a chemical peal, we do not want to remove layers off your skin). A clay mask once a week on your most affected areas will help dissolve the oil from the surface of your skin and an Extraction treatment at your local Salon.

Dry skin has a matt appearance, fine pores and milia is commonly found under the eyes. Dry Diane’s should exfoliate less with a fine grain scrub. Adding a serum to your routine is beneficial or even a rich night cream to attract moisture to your skin.

Normal skin, the lucky ones who are fortunate to have tight pores, good oil balance in your skin with little or no blemishes. Well what can I say, you Normal Noreen’s continue to exfoliate once a week, with a face mask once a month and use a moisturiser for all skin types!

Combinational skin is usually both oily and dry. For example, Combinational Carol’s if you have an oily t-zone with a dry outer, use the products that are designed for those skin types in only those areas. You can now buy products that state they are for all skin types. Do try not to generalise your skin type into one specific category.

Sensitive skin can often have high colouring; Sensitive Sandra’s use a Foundation with SPF. A refreshing toner with little alcohol is recommended for you. Ingredients with plant or flower extracts will be calming to the skin.

Blemished skin tends to be congested and acne prone. Blemished Betty’s use a facial wash that is alkaline free. Pick your spots? STOP! It will only leave scars. Tea tree products do wonders to the skin and you will find the high colouring will calm down. Astringents such as witch hazel have a high alcohol proportion.

We all have busy lives, we are all guilty of making excuses for not being able to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, drink 8 glasses of water and exercise for at least half an hour because we just do not have time or willpower. For me the basics of skin care regime begin with eating right. It is true what they say, you are what you eat. Oily foods will only pour out of your pores. It really is not flattering. A well balanced diet will keep the skin looking radiant. I too cannot stand the taste of water, flavoured water is cheat too, so do not even try to count that. As a tea lover, I am a real fan of Green tea and Peppermint tea; these both are great for your immune system and many other reasons… Sleeping well is a must, anything less than 8 hours you are asking to look like death. I cannot stress enough how important exercise is. Doing a 3 month starve yourself crash course diet to squeeze into your fairy tale wedding dress will only add to your stress and stomach. Exercise little and often if you are not a regular gym goer. Squatting, Jumping jacks, stomach crunches, Push ups and Sit ups are new in thing. Cardio at home is so the 21st century. You can do all this from the comfort of your own home, your own time and build up your own workout. Not always cheap but getting regular facials done at the salon is a great way to revitalise your skin to bring back that glow. Lastly the terrifying trio… Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise, this should be done on a regular basis, initially it seems difficult to keep the routine but you will notice the evident difference in your skin if kept up.