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Out with the old and IN with the NEW!

Posted on February 5, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

Admittedly we all can be hoarders. It’s hard throwing makeup away especially when we’re so in love with the colour, there’s still half left, it’s saved for special occasions or because it was so expensive. Whatever your reason for holding onto it, you need to let go.  A lot of the products now have a longer shelf life because of the preservatives in them, organic products on the other hand tend to have a much shorter shelf life. Shaking it or scraping off the ugly bit does not add shelf life. 

Just like you wash your face and makeup brushes (well I hope you all do). By not cleaning your brushes you are simply applying stale makeup, dead skin, bacteria and sebum to your face. That’s not a flattering look. We need to make sure that our products are clean too. 

It’s difficult to tell sometimes as to when products should be thrown out or replaced as they may appear okay to the eye, however things like bacteria are not so visible. The obvious tell-tale signs that you need to throw something out is if it looks peculiar, discolouring, the colour no longer matches your skin tone. Old makeup can cause infections such as sties, pink eye, dermatitis, and cold sores. The texture may have changed, for instance gone clumpy or separated. Sometimes even the smell can be a give-away. If it smells stale it most likely is. If any of the above flagged up then I suggest you bin it immediately!     

Below is a rough guideline as to when makeup should be thrown out:

1 Week – 1 Month – Makeup sponges – Sponges should be thrown out after a week of use especially if they are not being sterilised regularly. They can be infested with bacteria and this can lead to breakouts. 

3 Months – Mascara – Warm air breeds germs, the brush carries bacteria from where it is taken out from the wet bottle, out into the warm, applied to the eye and back into the bottle. Don’t pump the mascara wand as it adds air to the tube and dries out the mascara.  

6 Months – Cleansers/ Moisturisers – They contain fatty acids and need to be thrown out, they are also in contact with your fingers, yep you’ve guessed bacteria. 

6 Months – Gel/ Liquid Eye liners – Just like mascara, as it is moist it carries bacteria from where it is bought out into the warm. When applied to the eye irritation or infection may occur. 

6 Months – 1 Year – Pencil Eye liners – These will last as long as they are sharpened between use for hygiene purposes and minimises the risk of infection.  

6 Months – 1 Year – Foundation – If you apply foundation with your fingers, they have natural oils and bacteria so this will come in contact with your face when touching it and applying makeup.

1 Year – Concealer – The same with foundation if application is made using your fingers be weary of bacteria. 

1 Year – Lip gloss – With this go on your instinct. Smell it and you’ll know when it needs chucking.

2 Years – Lipstick – Again, you can tell with the smell. 

2 Years – Powders – They are anhydrous so they tend to last longer than liquid products.

2 Years – Eyeshadow – As long as there is no visible shiny build up on the surface it should be okay to keep.  

2 Years – Blusher/ Bronzer – If you haven’t been using it, bin it simple as. It’s not going to come back into fashion any time soon and don’t even think about passing it down to anyone.

2 Years – Nail varnish – Breaks down and separates so it should be thrown after any change in consistency, colour alterations and scent. 

So my beauties, break those habits of keeping your makeup on overnight, leaving products out in sunlight and holding onto products as if they are collectors items. Out with the old and in with the new!